How IoT, AI And Blockchain Will Empower Manufacturing Sector?

Manufacturing industry has been constantly evolving ever since the invention of steel and malleable metals. But, that is not the only inventions that changed the manufacturing  industry. With constantly evolving technology, manufacturing industry has been incorporating new technologies to make production operations faster, efficient and much more. These technologies mainly include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of […]

How To Make Chatbots For E commerce

in one of its blogs, predicted, “chatbots in e-commerce would tackle 85% of customer service interactions by 2020,”, the industry must get ready for this revolution. According to Statista, ecommerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion worldwide by 2021. However, these promising statistics are masked from extensive pressure under which the industry is rolling. Companies in […]

The Incredible Story of Chatbots in Banking Sector

In our previous blog we covered how chatbots are being used in financial services, now let’s understand how the banking sector is making use of chatbots to enhance their services and customer experience. With increasing consumer expectations, the use of innovative technologies such as Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is making banks smarter day-by-day. Want to know how? […]

What Is Machine Learning Engineering?

Machine learning engineering is the process of using software engineering principles, and analytical and data science knowledge, and combining both of those in order to take an ML model that’s created and making it available for use by the product or the consumers For example, a YouTube ML engineer might be in charge of developing […]

What is Cloud hosting? How does it exactly work?

The use of internet has increased tremendously from a decade now. Thus, the speed of the internet has become an important parameter while using it. Everyone wants high-speed internet with better security. This growing technology lead to the rise of Cloud hosting. I think, by now everyone might have heard about cloud computing. Still, many […]

Technologies In Artificial Intelligence

The market for technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is flourishing. Many internet giants and startups are racing to acquire AI; there is a significant increase in investment and adoption by organizations. As enterprises view business intelligence, AI is transforming their way. Currently, artificial Intelligence includes a variety of technologies and tools, some time-tested, rest are […]

Learn more about deployment at eDelta Enterprise Solution

IT WEB, APP & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY We are The eDelta Enterprise Solution and our passion is in software development Areas of expertise are in web & mobile applications development and we serve large and small companies across a range of industries offering an unparalleled commitment to best practices and quality (helps cut the risk […]