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Challenges with Media & Entertainment Industry

With the ongoing rise in demand and competition Media & Entertainment companies are now creating huge amount of content. Its tough for them to handle it efficiently which results in waste of huge amount of time, energy, and money wasted. Here are some challenges which we can help you overcome.

  • Continuous Shift of Technology
  • Higher Management Cost
  • Higher Marketing Cost
  • Timely Content Delivery of Services
  • High Quality Content Creation & Curation
  • Meeting Consumers Expectation
  • Risk of Data Theft and Cyber Security
  • Delivering Global Audience
  • Dealing with Diversity of Formats

Our entertainment software development services

As a top entertainment software company, we have expertise over various individual software services that are relevant to the entertainment industry. Following are some of the many services we provide at top-notch standards to our clients.

Multimedia Content distribution
The first and the most obvious service we excel at is multimedia content distribution software. Video is the center piece for most advertisers, entertainment businesses and broadcasters these days, and we develop such things using the latest technologies. High performance, connection reuse, optimal storage use and support for new types of video codecs are things that we try to implement in such software.
Music Software
We have experience in developing music streaming and sharing services which tend to be very popular among end users. We also design custom user interfaces for such apps, so that they are very attractive to the user. We also develop audio editing, multitrack recording, audio analysis software, and audio effects which each have a specific purpose in the entertainment industry. We also follow industry standards when developing such software.
AR and VR software
Augmented reality(AR) and Virtual reality(VR) are the most innovative of services that have been used in the entertainment industry. They use special algorithms to simulate complicated phenomena overlaid with real world environments. By doing so, we reduce the barriers to the human and the machine interface, making the interface look and feel very real to the users of the technology.
Multiplayer gaming software
Multiplayer games are one of the most complicated softwares to develop, and we develop them using the latest technologies to ensure that they run smoothly on minimum system requirements. We also integrate cloud services to elp speed up the gameplay and secure user data and allow a large player base.

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