Cloud Services

Find professional Cloud consultants at eDelta Enterprise Solutions and get assistance to solve all your Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services problems.

Google Cloud Services:

It’s time to transform your business using one of the latest solutions the IT world has to offer. Google Cloud hosting services will enable you to transport all your data to the cloud, ensuring more security to your company’s most important files and protection to your customers’ personal data.
At eDelta Enterprise Solutions, we will help you implement this cost-effective solution to get rid of all your storage and security problems, whether you offer financial services, gaming, mobile applications development, or any other field.

Amazon Web Services

Let our certified AWS consultants take care of your web and mobile applications building for you. At Cloudmate Group, we will provide you with secure and scalable products that you will love, and that your customers need.
Our goal is not only to create innovative solutions for your business, but to also optimize your investments through our professional AWS services.

AI Services

Upgrade your business performance with innovative solutions to maximize your benefits.

Use the latest technology to interact with your customers and connect with them in multiple languages, wherever they are in the world.
With our Artificial Intelligence services, you will be able to monitor your data and maintain it in a perfect structure effortlessly.
Discover our vast array of services in Artificial Intelligence, and watch your sales soar like never before:

  • Cognitive Services: Automate your operations to increase your customer engagement with our bot services.
  • Predictive Analytics: Develop efficient strategies and make better decisions easily with our leading predictive analytics.
  • Deep Learning: Keep track of your data and gain more insights by recognizing the patterns with our deep learning strategies and start seeing results fast.

Web and E-Commerce Services:

Launch your website and online business without lifting a finger. Let eDelta Enterprise Solutions do the hard work.

At eDelta Enterprise Solutions, our expert developers will take care of your E-commerce and website development from scratch.
So, you can forget about the struggles of beginnings and focus more about improving your strategies today.
Our unique approach to websites development allows us to create websites that are not only highly functional, but stylish as well.
We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements in order to implement the latest and most adequate features and solutions.

We know that getting customers and making sales are among your biggest concerns. Therefore, we make sure your website offers an optimal user experience that will make your customers visit it repeatedly and make more purchases.
At Cloudmate Group, our mission is to produce intuitive, attractive and functional websites that you and your customers will love. We achieve this with a professional team of website developers and designers, and a 24/7 communication to all your concerns.

Business Intelligence

Optimize your reporting and enhance your data visualization to make better decisions with our Business Intelligence solutions.

With years of accumulated experience, our eDelta Enterprise Solutions experts will take you closer to your business objectives.
Our professional IT experts will help you analyze your data better and provide you with the consultation you need throughout the process.
From BI Implementation to BI Consulting and Testing, our Business Intelligence solutions will enable you to make informed decisions based on precise data visualization.
At eDelta Enterprise Solutions, we understand that every project comes with special requirements.
For this reason, we will tackle your project independently following our customer-centric strategy. The outcome? An effective fulfillment of all your business needs.

Chatbot Development

Gain unmatched control over your business and stay connected with your customers with our reliable chatbots.

If you are looking for a solution to keep in touch with your customers whenever they need you and wherever they are in world, then chatbots are the future of your business.
With eDelta Enterprise Solutions’s cost-effective chatbot development services, you will be sure to get a highly interactive chatbot without going beyond your budget.
Our experienced developers will create a chatbot your customers can count on.
From the overall design and the chatbot architecture to natural language processing, integration and consultation, your chatbot will be implemented swiftly without issues.
Whether your business belongs to banking, e-commerce, hospitality, insurance, or any other industry, benefit from eDelta Enterprise Solutions’s chatbot development services and let this emerging technology transform your business.
Be it a Facebook bot, Dialogflow, or any chatbot you need, our professional chatbot developers will flawlessly design it from start to finish.

Dedicated Development Center

Are you considering outsourcing your IT needs to a dedicated team? Cloudmate Group is the partner you are looking for.

At Cloudmate Group, we put our highly trained IT staff at your service, so you can boost your development resources in no time and within your budget.
Whether you already have an IT team and looking to expand your resources, or you simply want to outsource all your IT needs to a trusted partner, our Dedicated Development Center will focus on providing technical insights that fit your business with full transparency and devotion.

Why hire our Dedicated Development Center?

Instead of having a whole IT department that will squeeze your company’s budget, collaborating with our development team will allow you complete your projects, improve and maintain your development resources professionally, quickly, effectively, and at reduced costs.
Each member in our team has years of accumulated experience and is constantly updated on the most recent practices in the IT world. Thus, you will be getting the results you are seeking by being first to use emerging technologies in your favor.

Hire a Dedicated Developer

Have you ever wished to have that one developer you can completely count on for you IT requirements?

You would want them to be dedicated, always available, and highly professional. Sounds like an unrealistic aspiration?  eDelta Enterprise Solutions will make it happen.
Our team of committed developers will fulfill all our IT business needs, whatever the specializations you require.
From websites development to chatbots, mobile applications, software and IT solutions, we will be there to complete the task perfectly.
Before you say it, we know that these needs can vary depending on the size of your company and the industry it belongs to.
Therefore, we always start by evaluating your current position and practices before designing the plan we will follow.
Offering tailor-made solutions and services for your specific needs is not a mere promise, but how we actually operate.

Set your company for higher levels of success