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What is Alexa skill development?

You might think that Alexa only sits in speakers and answers our questions but at eDelta Enterprise Solutions, we make it talk to our devices and get things done effortlessly. For example, you can ask Alexa to talk to your AC and turn it On/Off. Now how did Alexa know to control your AC? This is made possible by developing what is called Alexa Skills. In the same manner, Alexa skill development can help you enhance your device productivity.

You can develop skills specific to different devices or services and make them operational through Alexa enabled speakers. Uber, for example, has opted for Alexa skill development and made Alexa skills which you can use and make your speakers book a cab for you!


At eDelta Enterprise Solutions, we have expertise in Amazon Alexa skill development tailored to customer’s Services and Products. We have experience of using both AWS Lambda and custom server environment to make Alexa skills for your existing services and platforms.

Understanding your core service offerings and developing corresponding Alexa skills is a key component in making sure your customers are benefited with this new model of accessibility. Being in the solutions space from last 5 years, at eDelta Enterprise Solutions we understand the customer needs and guarantee smooth sailing for your service in this Alexa world!

Smart Home Skill

Technology has almost entered all living spaces. Smart home systems have gained popularity in terms of safety, security, comfort, and quality of life. Smart home skills by Alexa controls the status of cloud-connected devices through voice interaction.

Smart home devices like light control systems, home energy monitors, cameras, that already exist can also be described to Alexa, which then enables the functionalities and capabilities of it.

Our developers here have already worked on the voice experiences and skills using The Smark Home skill API, which works excellently with Alexa.

Enterprise Solution
Enterprise Solution

Music Skills

Alexa voice-controlled smart assistant is found in almost all devices including speakers, cars, and even on our phones. The wide range of Alexa skills has grown tremendously and we have more than 100,000 of the skills to choose from. The most popular and broadly used skill searched by users is Music Skills.

A music skill allows you to provide audio content such as songs, playlists, or radio stations for Alexa users. For this type of skill, the Music Skill API manages the words a user can say to request and control audio content and converts these sentences into requests that are sent to your skill.

This way Alexa helps you to listen to music from different services like Amazon Prime Music, Saavn and more. Users can always ask for songs based on genre, album or artist.

Child Directed Skills

Child Directed Skills are created by keeping children in mind. These skills can only be used by kids under age 13, the skill for this age group follows different rules than other regular skills. It helps children to learn and also try to entertain them with different capabilities.

It is always difficult to create voice assistants for kids and so to create Artificial Intelligence algorithms, that makes designing for children more challenging.

Enterprise Solution
Enterprise Solution

Custom Skills

As mentioned above more than 100, 000 Alexa skills are already available. So coming up with a better skill comparing with the already present skills, is a big concern. The skills you are creating should be useful and loved by users and for that, you need to understand different Skill Models to learn about other options like the Smart Home Skill API.

We specialize in creating custom Alexa products and can very much help you to work on the skills you want to develop and make it available on the Alexa platform. Also, we make sure the skill you plan to build complies with all of the Alexa Skills Kit content policies.

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